Rocky Mountain Regional “Round-Up” Meeting

Thank you gardeners, who came from far and near to attend the Rocky Mountain Region Annual Meeting in Colorado Springs on September 12th and 13th!

It was great to see you all, and we hope you enjoyed your visit!


We had a great turn out!


Our speaker John Wesley Anderson gave an awesome presentation about the “Ute Prayer Trees of the Pikes Peak Region.”

I’m ready to go hike around the Black Forrest and find these amazing trees! Anyone else?


After lunch we toured the Chihuly show at the Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs. WOW!

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Evergreen Moonlight Garden Club

Look at all the activities the Evergreen Moonlight Garden Club is doing!

July – Fort Logan Vistor Center Garden Clean Up – Marnie Pierce, Shawn Hamam, and Karen Verdier.


July – Staunton State Park Wildflower Hike (with guests)


May – Planting pots with residents of Elk Run Assisted Living – Carol Slaughter, Kelli Varner, Patsy Noble, and Anna Marie Nelson


2013 Lavender Festival – Jane Steward and Sharon Kazel Karen Pieffer, Carol Slaughter, Patsy Noble, Tory Hurst



Dig and Dream Garden Club

The Dig and Dream Garden Club meets in Aurora, Colorado. Our mission is to encourage an interest in and enjoyment of the science and art of horticulture.

Some of our community outreach projects are- Maintaining the Rose Garden at Pickens Tech, the Welcome Garden at Ronald McDonald House, Fort Logan Cemetery and Centennial House.

The ongoing projects we have are to provide a Pumpkin Patch and raised beds for students to take care of at Excelsior Youth Center and participating in the Colorado Garden & Home Show.

Sounds like a fun group! And they won an award this year from the Federation for their contribution to the Penny Pines Program!


CFGC Core Values

Colorado Federation of Garden Clubs Identifies Core Values

Garden Club-Values

Stabilizing and growing membership is a concern for most garden clubs. Our clubs range from small, quiet older groups to large active bursting-at-the-seams clubs. They are creative, enterprising, educated, fun and successful. We have a mission statement, as do most non-profit groups, but it does not clearly say who we are. Colorado Garden Clubs decided to define themselves by sharing their common or core values.

In this day and age, there are so many more opportunities to volunteer that people are looking for exactly the right fit. We believe this will help anyone searching for a “match” and identify with garden club. Core values are the fundamental beliefs of an organization, the guiding principles, and they help support the vision and shape the culture. So what are those values?

Knowledge – educate members and the public with sound gardening practices and principles
Innovation – nourish new and creative ideas that have the potential to change the gardening world
Respect – for each other, garden club assets, the diversity of our membership, and the environment.
Community – contribute to local projects with our time, talent and some “treasure”.
Sustainability – continue our legacy through projects that have and will impact Colorado.

There is nothing new or different in these words. They remind us why we joined a garden club, what we share and who we are. Together we will continue to work on the garden at Fort Logan National Cemetery, install and maintain Blue Star Markers, restore our forests with Penny Pines, educate fellow gardeners with programs and schools and lead the way in water conservation.