Committee Chairmen 2015-2017


Committee Chairman
Advisory Trudie Layton
Archives Jacque Gustafson
Awards Michelle Gustin
Birds Teri McAuliffe
Blue Star Memorial Audrey Coyle
Book Review Lynn Cleveland
Butterflies Audrey Coyle
Calendar Joy Kancir
CFGC 2016 Annual Meeting Convention Jacque Gustafson
Chaplain Mary Fagerberg
Civic Development Pam Pearson
Courtesy Barbara Cornell
Courtesy Resolutions  TBA
Editor: The Colorado Garden Connection Joyce Cassidy
Fort Logan National Cemetery Mary Fagerberg  & Jeanette Hunt
Horticulture Becky Elder
Hospitality Swiss Hoffmann
Library Louise Niekerk
Life Membership NCG/CFGC Rinda Dunson
Membership Kay Rolfe
Native Plants Pamela Graves
NGC Project Lowanna Morgan
Nominating Committee NCG/CFGC TBA
Organizational Study Lynn Cleveland
Penny Pines NCG/CFGC Julie Sheehan
Programs Carmen Armantrout
Protocol Rose Persichetti
Publicity/Marketing Kathy Petersen
RMR 2015 Meeting NCG/CFGC Darlene Skari
Scholarships Jill Jagmann
Social Media NCG/CFGC Trudie Layton
The National Gardener Kathy Shafer
Trees Jessie Boyer
Ways and Means Betty Roberts
Website Lorayne McGovern
Youth Acitivies:
Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl
Doris Duckworth

Flower Shows and Flower Show School

Local Chairman
State Books of Evidence Rose Persichetti
State Chairmen Louise Niekerk
State Judges Chairman Kathy Petersen
State Judges Council President Joy Kancir

Environmental Studies

State Chairman Trudie Layton
Local Chairman TBA

Gardening Studies School

State Chairman Margie Soileau

Landscape Design School

State Chairman Gail Fischer